Posted by Ferda on 6th Mar 2019

Sophie the Giraffe teether Poem

    Oh Sophie, the giraffe so bright and fair, A teether loved by babies everywhere. With spots so soft, and a neck so long, She's the perfect toy to play with all day long.

    Her ears so floppy, her eyes so round, A chewy teething ring, safe and sound. For little gums, she's just the thing, Relieving pain, and making babies sing.

    Parents adore her, as she brings such joy, To their little ones, as a teether, and toy. Her timeless design, that's stood the test of time, A classic toy, that's sure to always shine.

    So here's to Sophie, the giraffe so true, A faithful friend, to babies, old and new. With her gentle touch, and her comforting hug, She's the perfect teether, to soothe and snug.