HEVEA Bigger, upcycled Bath mats (Sand), Natural Rubber and Beautiful Colour

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The HEVEA bigger sized (55 x 33 cm / 22x13 inc) and completely plastic-free, upcycled bath mats in Sand colour that will match any bathroom.

The sand color and the other two colors are inspired by nature - timeless classic colours, which will decorate any bathroom and give a beautiful contrast to the room.

The beautiful bigger, upcycled bath mats are all made from upcycled rubber, has a mottled texture adding a stylish raw feel to the room –

They are the perfect accessory for all types of bathrooms, from traditional and rustic to contemporary. The upcycled rubber means that, any leftover or cut out material from our natural rubber production is reused to make new upcycled products.

Instead of throwing away the material, we’re giving it new life and thereby minimizing waste. And we actually turn so much quality rubber-trash into treasure, that we’ve had to purchase extra rubber waste from competing factories and in this way make a truly positive fingerprint on the planet.