Moulin Roty Four Seasons Storybook Torch

Moulin Roty
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The perfect interactive toy to encourage the development of your child's imagination, this "flashlight" comes with three different projection discs that clip onto the end.

Each of the discs, when projected onto a wall, tells a colorful story.

The first features Suzanne and Benjamin going into the garden to sow carrot seeds; the second shows a tree explaining how the seasons change; and the third shows animals happily running about- possibly towards Suzanne with her basket of goodies!

The images are of brightly coloured illustrations with a soft graphic style.

Measuring 6-inches long by 2-inches wide, this toy is safe for tots aged 4+.

Moulin Roty's "Le Jardin" collection introduces little ones to the world outside.

With tools to help witness how the world changes and how they can be a part of it, the adventures into nature's secret garden are endless - if only they look!