Moulin Roty Storybook lamp Les Jolis Pas Beaux

Moulin Roty
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Is it a flashlight? No, it's a "storybook torch!" This little light comes with three different discs that clip onto the end.

When projected onto a wall, each disc tells a colorful story featuring the characters from the "Jolis Pas Beaux" collection and encourages the development of a child's imagination.

Each projected illustration is drawn in a brightly coloured, vintage style.

Measuring 6-inches long by 2-inches wide, this toy is safe for tots aged 4+.

A collage of different fabrics and textures, the fun critters of the "Jolis pas Beaux" collection love to sleep beneath your little one's pillow and share in the telling of bed and nap-time stories.

With a cat, cow, dog, duck, mouse and sheep to choose from, you'll be sure to find the perfect companion for your tot - or, keep the friends together by collecting the whole bunch!