Moulin Roty Story Book Torch

Moulin Roty
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Is it a flashlight? No, it's a "storybook torch!"

This little light comes with three different circus-themed discs that clip onto the end.

When projected onto a wall, each tells a colorful story and encourages the development of a child's imagination.

Disc one depicts a circus coming to town; Disc two shows a panic-filled scene in the animal cages; and Disc three shows that the lion has escaped!

Each projected illustration is drawn in a brightly colored, vintage style. Measuring 6-inches long by 2-inches wide, this toy is safe for tots aged 4+.

It's showtime! Turn out the lights and let the stories unfold.

Moulin Roty's "Le Cinéma" collection lets your little one be the director as he/she narrates the projected slides - reintroducing a bit of a vintage feel to today's technology-driven world.